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Combating illegal logging by collecting information from forests around the world.

Much of what we buy contains or is linked to products of land that should have not been deforested - this is largely because the methods we use to verify where a product comes from are paper-based and open to fraudulent activity. Governments, nonprofits, and companies around the world are developing scientific analyses to test a product's origin based on its physical properties, but they need a database of samples to test against. Our database houses a library of geo-referenced plant samples from around the world and has accompanying software to support in field collection, expedition management, shipping, and sample inventory. Ultimately, our partners including World Forest ID and the United States Forest Service, will be able to test end products against this library to see if they originate from where they claim. With such accurate, indisputable data, we're making it possible for people to consume responsibly and for governments to prosecute criminal behavior.

FlorestaDB is one of many tools developed by Staton Lab Apps at the University of Tennessee. We're always seeking new partners for FlorestaDB and our other projects - use the contact form to express interest. Your data will always be kept private.

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Welcome to FlorestaDB

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